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The Ukrainian South African trade portal is a platform for the promotion of trade between the two countries. Companies register on the site, are vetted to ensure legitimacy, and provided with a username and password so they can populate the site with marketing and sales information. Users can search for partners using company name, products, HCDS codes or service required. Enquiries can be posted on the site for users from the other country to respond to. The portal contains a library of resources to understand trade dynamics of each country.

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Please provide the initial information for registration on the platform. You will then receive a Log-in User Name by e-mail to be used with your chosen Password. Clicking on a link in this email will take you to the page where you will be required to provide documents and information for the vetting process.

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The Trading Portal is a Trading Bridge between Ukraine and South Africa


Trade Information

Find out more about the composition and dynamics of the Ukrainian economy.



Trade Information

Find out more about the composition and dynamics of the South African economy.


Launching Trade Portal

Welcome Message form Liubov Abravitova | Ambassador of Ukraine to South Africa

Formulate an access password, provide basic company information such as an email address. A username will be sent to you by email. Follow the link in the email which will take you to the Upload page.
Provide company information for the vetting process. This includes a website url, physical address, tax registration, industry, and directors.
The UA ZA Portal administrator will vet company information provided for legitimacy. Confirmation of company and director details with the registering body, validation of tax numbers, confirmation of email address, website and physical address. Each country has a vetting process appropriate to its environment.
A vetted company will be notified by email that access to the portal has been granted. The user will then proceed to a company page where substantially more information can be provided and uploaded.

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